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Sun square Pluto on Monday, April 18/2022

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Sun is in Aries and just before it moves on to the sign of Taurus, it squares Pluto in Capricorn.

What does this mean? How does it affect you?

Sun in Aries is in its exaltation, that is, in a place where it is in its most exuberant expression. Sun signifies ego and masculine expression. In Aries, it is expressed as masculine authority that pushes you to take action, to do something, and initiate actions that appease your ego.

Pluto is in Capricorn and has been there since 2008. It is the planet of transformations, psychological undercurrents, and hidden issues. Pluto has a way of transforming by completely eliminating the old patterns, and in Capricorn, it is transforming old, established conservative structures, such as patriarchy. Pluto is the Phoenix in its demise when it burns to the ground. Pluto clears the way for the new, for rebirth, for total transformation. Pluto is also about power.

Sun squares Pluto today.

Issues concerning authority, power, and deep transformation are engaged in a tug of war. And they are squaring in cardinal signs, that is, signs that signify initial actions. And the square signifies a conflict, a battle, and most of all a drive to act.

You may feel that those who have authority over you are a bit more harsh than normal, that they are pushing you to the limit, or that they are asking you to do more. If you are happy with your workplace, with your boss, and your responsibilities, this will be a push to improve your connections. Or an issue with a person who has authority over you, or your role as an authority in your field will be challenged.

If you are not satisfied with your role, or if you are under authoritarian rule, or those who have authority over you may seem unbearable today. This is the push to take action and change. It is a time to claim your authority, to stand up to the challenge that Sun and Pluto place in front of you, and to claim your authority, your rulership. You may face a power struggle with those who have authority over you.

This is particularly salient for those who have sun or ascendant in Aries, Capricorn, Leo (ruled by Sun), and Scorpio (ruled by Pluto).

It is time to rise up to the challenge and claim your authority and power!

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