This Week’s Highlights

Chiron and Jupiter in opposition to the Full Moon – April 5, 2023

It has been a while…

A lot went on and I needed to take a break to get my life in order. I finally found some balance that will bring stability to my life. After moving this last weekend, I needed a couple of days to recover from the stress.

And here I am!

Today we have a Full Moon occurring at 16º Libra. This one is the precursor to the lunar eclipse happening next month, on May 5th at 14º Scorpio. Even though today’s Full Moon isn’t an eclipse, it is heavily influenced by opposition to Chiron on one side (15º Aries) and Jupiter on the other (20º Aries).

What does this mean? It means that the Moon, the ruler of our instincts, feelings, nurturing, family, hearth and home, and ruler of Cancer (where does Cancer fall in your chart?) is in conversation, a call to either attend the instinctual desires, to nurture a relationship (Libra rules relationships), to be emotional about justice or injustices (Libra also rules fairness) or to attend the wounds that you can’t heal and to indulge in this pain.

This is happening in the sign of Aries. In which house is Aries located in your natal chart? If you have Sun, Moon, or ascendant in Aries, this Full Moon will indicate that something very important to your ego (Sun in Aries), to your identity (Aries ascendant), or to the way you nurture your home, feelings, and relate to your family (Moon in Aries). It will be a time of action, because Aries is a cardinal sign, one that initiates actions, ruled by Mars – the warrior, go-getter, action-packed red planet.

This is the time to take action and end some painful relationship issues.

In my case, Aries is on the cusp of my third house, the house of communications, transportation, siblings, neighbors, teaching, learning, and writing. While Libra is at the cusp of my ninth house, the house of long journeys, foreign land, philosophy, higher education, and legal proceedings. It is time for an end to relationships in any or all of these areas.

The end brings a beginning…

Until next time.

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