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If you choose Life Coaching, it includes your Natal Chart Potential, your Life Path, and any significant planetary return, eclipses, or transits.

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Natal Chart Analysis – $100.00

I offer an analysis of your Natal Chart Analysis. The Natal Chart is the picture of the sky at the time you were born, It shows your strengths, where you can improve, pitfalls you can avoid, and areas to focus on to attain success in your life.

You get one-hour consultation via Zoom, video recording, and written report.

Potential and Prediction Bundle – $200.00

Choose from:

  1. Potentials, Life Path, Year Ahead – Solar Return
  2. Potentials, Life Path, Short-Term Prediction – Eclipses and transits
  3. Potentials, Life Path, Long-Term Prediction – Planetary Return

When you order a Bundle, you will receive the Natal Chart Potentials plus Progressed Chart and Solar Return charts analysis.

The Progressed Chart often shows the main events to happen in your life – graduation, marriage, children, illness, relocation, and death of people close to you. The Progressed Chart shows your Life Path.

The Progressed Chart is your natal chart as it moves away from the moment of your birth to the rest of your life. If you were born with Sun at 13º Sagittarius, the Sun’s degree will continue moving after you’re born one degree per day. After 30, 60, or 90 days, the Sun will be in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, respectively.

In progressed charts, I take that one degree per day to indicate one year of your life – it is called a day-for-a-year progression. The same occurs to your ascendant. So, if you were born with your ascendant in any degree past 25º of any sign, you will change your ascendant at the latest at five years old, and for the next 30 years, your personality will take on the next sign’s characteristics.

Solar Returns happen when the transit Sun returns to your birthday degree and sign. It happens on your birthday. The picture of the sky at the moment when your Sun returns to its degree will show the potential for the year ahead. It is a great predictor of events and opportunities coming your way.

Eclipses and transits, when they aspect key planets and/or important points in your natal chart often indicate events that will bring dramatic changes to your life. These events are not just announced by the eclipses, they are reiterated by the progressed, chart, planetary return charts, and transits. When something big is about to happen, several charts will speak of this event.

You get two-hour consultation via Zoom, video recording, and written report

Deep Analysis of Planetary Potential and Predictions – $400.00

In this service you will engage in a couple of two-hour conversations focused on your Natal Chart Potentials, your Progressed Chart, the predictions spelled out in your Solar Return, how transits, eclipses, new, and full moons display the life path choices you have. We will also dive into the most recent or upcoming Saturn return and any other important planet in your chart (rulers of your ascendant, MC, IC, and descendant). This is an in-depth analysis and we will meet a couple of times to go over the issues the planets are predicting for you.

You get two in-person or Zoom consultation meetings of at least two hours each, a video recording, and a written report.