Single readings

$50.00 – choose one

  • Natal Potential
  • Progressed Chart and Path
  • Planetary Returns – choose one
    • Solar Return reading (this is when you Sun returns to its natal position – your birthday!)
    • Personal planets return – choose one: Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter
    • Saturn Return
    • Progressed Lunar Return (when your natal Moon returns to its natal place by your life progression.


Your Natal Promise: One payment of $100.00

  • Personal natal chart reading consultation
  • Analysis and report on your natal chart potentials, strengths, and personality

Natal Promise and Development: One payment of $150.00

  • Natal Chart
  • Progressed Chart
  • Solar Return

Natal Promise, Development, and Potentials: One payment of $400.00

  • Natal Chart
  • Progressed Chart
  • Solar Return
  • Transits and important dates
  • New and Full Moons, Eclipses

Monthly memberships

Life Coaching

Three-month commitments for $150.00 per month, or one payment of $400.00.

  • Natal Chart reading and analysis
  • Progressed Chart with life potentials unfolding
  • Solar Return yearly potentials
  • Transits and Eclipses
  • Coaching on any subject using astrological analysis

Life coaching based on astrological potentials – $60.00 per hour consultation

Coaching and healing theater with astrological potentials – $75.00 per hour

Group coaching – life events or career move coaching in groups using astrology and theater work – $40.00 per session per person. Minimum of four individuals; maximum eight individuals.