This Week’s Highlights

First Aries/Libra Eclipse: New Beginnings – April 18, 2023

Today is the anniversary of my first posting on this website. Setting up this website marked a new chapter in my life. As I reflect on what I’ve been through last year, and how much things changed in my life, I can see that finally, my life is moving in a more positive direction, and things are beginning to stabilize.

Transit Uranus played an important role in these changes, along with eclipses, transit Pluto, and progressed Mars, and how all of these celestial events aspected my natal chart. Uranus brought a painful but necessary change, one that opened my eyes to reality and made me face that my actions were based on illusion. Uranus is like that, brings swift changes, sometimes painful, but it is for your own good.

Now, eclipses come to enact and reaffirm changes.

Tomorrow, April 19, 2023, at 6:34:26 pm, US Pacific Time, we will have the first eclipse in the Aries/Libra series. It will be at the maximum eclipse point at 9:16:53 pm.

The eclipses aspecting my 4th/10th houses cusps are done, except for two more Lunar Eclipses in Taurus/Scorpio for this year (May 5th at 14º Scorpio, and October 28 at 5º Taurus), these eclipses are now moving to Aries/Libra and next year dabbing on Pisces/Virgo.

A solar eclipse is like a supercharged new moon. How do we know that? When the new moon occurs within 10º of the north or south nodes we have a partial eclipse. If the new and full moon occurs within 5º of the nodal axis, we have a total eclipse, the closer to the axis, the tighter and more spectacular the eclipse.

The nodes are points in the sky based on the elliptic movements of the moon in relation to Earth. North and South nodes are exactly opposite to each other, so they occupy the same degree in opposite signs. They are also known as dragon head (north node) and tail (south node), points of entry (north node) and departure (south node), or future and good fortune (north node) and past and bad luck (south node).

The point where the nodes are found has to do with the position of the Earth’s northern and southern hemispheres, the location of the Sun, and the elliptic trajectory of the Moon. The nodal axis is the result of the Sun and Moon intersecting trajectories and they are located according to the hemisphere on Earth. So, the first thing to keep in mind, is that the nodes move backward. Right now, the north node is at 4º Taurus and is moving backward to enter Aries on July 13, 2023, where it will be at 29º of Aries, which is the degree of this first solar eclipse in Aries, and, mind you, the second new moon in Aries this year.

Right now, we will have the first solar eclipse in Aries, inaugurating the Aries/Libra eclipse season, on 29º Aries. Then we will have the north node transit that degree in July reaffirming whatever this solar eclipse means to you.

Eclipses were seen as evil by our ancestors because, due to lack of knowledge, and lack of electricity, these eclipses brought fear and darkness, and were associated with the death of prominent figures. Today we have electricity and eclipses are just another natural cyclical phenomenon, like seasons or ocean tides. But, an eclipse will be important if it hits a personal planet in your natal chart (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), especially important if they aspect Sun, Moon, the chart ruler, your ascendant/descendant axis, or your MC/IC axis (1st/7th houses and 10th/4th houses cusps).

And that was my case with those sweet Taurus/Scorpio eclipses on my 10th-MC/4th-IC house axis, add to that the planet Uranus, with its unpredictable, disruptive, and fast change quality, and Pluto conjunct my natal Venus in Capricorn, the ruler of IC and 9th houses (Libra). My home, family, and emotions (4th house issues) were all over the place, losses, changes, instabilities, retirement, and moving… Very disruptive indeed.

I welcome the change – haha! I mean the change of eclipse signs.

This solar eclipse is also important for the United States as it is activating the point where Mars was on January 6, 2021. Pay attention to the events occurring within two weeks of this eclipse (before and after), and on July 13, when the north node transits this solar eclipse point, something fated will happen.

Aries is the first astrological sign, a cardinal sign, signifying the beginning, and for the northern hemisphere, spring, new growth, new season, and a new year, traditionally. And here we have a solar eclipse, which is the signifier of a new beginning, in the initiating sign of Aries. New beginnings.

Until next time…