The Phoenix ACT:

Astrology, Coaching, Theater

My mission is to bring you direction, clarity, control, and healing in your journey.

How my work benefits you:

Under my guidance, and using the potentials shown on your birth astrological chart, we will work on renewing yourself, rebuilding, and strengthening your inner core – self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-reliance. Together we will develop a strategy for success that empowers you to take leadership and control of your life’s journey.

My programs will help you find inner peace in times of crisis, direction during life-changing events, and goal definition in your career or life.

What qualifies me to work with you:

I am an anthropologist trained in social psychology and transformational non-scripted theater.

For the past 20 years, I acquired knowledge and skill in astrology on my own to find guidance during uncertain times in my life. I found that astrology brings a cosmic dimension to healing, it shows how you can tap into your potential and drives to succeed in your life. Astrology also gives you guidance and support when you experience adversity and life’s transitional phases.

What I offer you:

I combine anthropology, astrology, and psychology into an integrative system focused on the individual’s personality style, and birth chart potential, and present possibilities to guide you toward grounded decisions, clear direction, vision, and empowerment.

For those who wish to delve deeper into their challenges and use creativity to unlock their potential, I offer theater healing to stimulate creative visualization and self-motivation, adding a new restorative dimension to your life transformation path, from healing to thriving.

The Phoenix ACT represents rebirth, rising from the ashes, the metaphor for deep transformations, overcoming crises, and rising to new beginnings.

The Phoenix ACT takes you to a new level, to the freshness of life, to the newness of being.

Each ending signals a new beginning.

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