The Phoenix ACT Astrology Coaching Theater

My focus is on natal chart analysis and predictive charts – progressions, solar returns, transits, and eclipses. I bring you comprehensive astrology counseling and coaching.

Whether experiencing a life-changing event, seeking emotional healing, career definition, or just guidance on a specific issue, astrology brings you a road map to clarity and fulfillment in your life.

My mission is to heal, renew, and bring you success using your potential and promises in your astrological birth chart.

My approach to astrology is grounded in anthropology and sociopsychology. I combine these two disciplines into an integrative system to focus on your personality style, potential, and the possibilities open to you.

I combine astrology and coaching to guide you towards life and career decisions, bringing you a clear direction, vision, and empowerment.

My programs will help you find inner peace in times of crisis, direction during life-changing events, and goal definition in your career or life. The Phoenix ACT represents rebirth, rising from the ashes, the image of transformational events, or visualization of overcoming a crisis, from endings, from deep transformations.

I begin with an in-depth analysis of your birth chart potentials and strengths. Together, we examine the past problem areas in your life and focus on the best path to success. We will work on your progressed chart to find where you are in your life path to further your talents. And we will look at your Solar, Lunar, and Saturn returns to engage in healing practices to strengthen your confidence. And we will look at transits and eclipses to see what the future brings and how to best engage with what the stars offer you.

I include theater therapy for those interested in adding a greater level of self-understanding as an option to stimulate creative visualization and self-motivation. It will guide you on a path of life transformation, from healing to thriving.

Each ending signals a new beginning.

The Phoenix ACT takes you to a new level, to the freshness of life, to the newness of being.

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