This Week’s Highlights

Planetary aspects and Vertex, point of fate – 09/07/2022

This week I want to address Vertex point as a point of fated encounters and events. I am focusing on this point because last week I experienced a sudden, out-of-nowhere accident. A car hit me while I was entering a mini-mall, and I lost my car. I ended up at the emergency room, and I am still feeling the pain from the impact and the seatbelt purple hematomas on my chest.

The saving grace was to transit Jupiter at 8º Aries, sextile that Mars, and trine my natal Sun. Jupiter is the great benefic and protector, and the ruler of my Sun sign, Sagittarius. So I lost my car and got out of the accident with only hematomas and no broken bones.

That’s it. That Phoenix came to burn out all that I had, to clear the area for something new. Phoenix is like Pluto, it destroys that which needs to go to force a radical change that needs to happen.

Catch you next time.

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