This Week’s Highlights

Planetary aspects and Vertex, point of fate – 09/07/2022

This week I want to address Vertex point as a point of fated encounters and events. I am focusing on this point because last week I experienced a sudden, out-of-nowhere accident. A car hit me while I was entering a mini-mall, and I lost my car. I ended up at the emergency room, and I am still feeling the pain from the impact and the seatbelt purple hematomas on my chest.

I drew the chart for the time and location of the accident, and there it was: Mars conjunct my Vertex point at 6º Gemini. But that isn’t enough to bring an accident. For an event of large magnitude to occur several planets conjunct, square, and oppose key points in the chart. In my case, that transit Mars conjunct natal Vertex squared transit Sun conjunct my natal Pluto. Both Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, my 10th house, or my life path rulers. They squared indicating a violent accident or attack. Mars also rules my third house, the house of transportation, and it is the indicator of young males or young aggressive people. The driver of the car that hit me was a young man, and yes, driving aggressively and fast.

To put a cherry on top, transit Venus conjunct my chart ruler, the ruler of my ascendant, at 24º Leo, opposing Saturn at transit 20º Aquarius, and Venus rules my fourth and ninth houses (Taurus and Libra, respectively) sudden change in the home.

The saving grace was to transit Jupiter at 8º Aries, sextile that Mars, and trine my natal Sun. Jupiter is the great benefic and protector, and the ruler of my Sun sign, Sagittarius. So I lost my car, and I got out of the accident with only hematomas and no broken bones. It was a sudden change that led me to reconsider the place I lived, and led me to search for a suitable place to live.

That’s it. That Phoenix came to burn out all that I had, to clear the area for something new. Phoenix is like Pluto, it destroys that which needs to go to force a radical change that needs to happen.

It is still to be seen what will happen from this accident. I will need to deal with lawyers (9th house issue) and get the insurance to pay for all damages. The New Moon of August 27th announced the whole deal, it fell on 4º Virgo, the ruler of my 8th house, the house of insurance money, inheritance, and also Scorpio’s natural house. And Virgo rules the body. Yes, it was all there plain and clear. The planets announced a major change coming.

I needed that. I need a total overhaul in my life. And I hope it is for the best.

Catch you next time.

Sun conjuncts Mercury in Gemini and both sextile Jupiter in Aries on the week of 05/20/2022

Sun is just about to enter the Gemini sign. As it moves to this new sign, it conjuncts Mercury, Gemini’s ruler. And we move to a focus on communications, writing, teaching, transportation, and connections with our siblings, neighbors, and community are all highlighted in the sign of the Twins. Although Mercury is retrograde at this moment, and it will turn direct on June 2nd, the activities above will be the focus of most of us, especially those with Gemini sun, Gemini ascendant, and Gemini Moon.

This is even more remarkable as Sun and Mercury sextile the magnificent and benefic Jupiter in Aries. This will bring opportunities to make that writing project, communication with siblings and neighbors, issues with transportation, short trips, and contracts that focus on benefits and expansion.

If you were born around this time, you will receive these benefits during this year. Your solar return (your birthday) will be blessed with the benefits Jupiter brings, with contracts focusing on large issues, communications that lead to long-distance travel, legal matters that will turn to your advantage, and philosophical conversations that focus on your ego desire. You will also have good communication with your boss, and those who have authority over you.

If these planets adversely affect your chart, this may be a time of reprieve, a brake, a breather to the push to take action.

Jupiter in Aries represents action to self-expression and Mercury in Gemini is at home, highlighting all that Gemini represents. Wherever you have these planets in your chart, the connection between these two planets, with the added connection to the Sun, brings something good for you in the areas represented by the Aries, Gemini, and where Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter reside in your chart.


Sun square Pluto on Monday, April 18/2022

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Sun is in Aries and just before it moves on to the sign of Taurus, it squares Pluto in Capricorn.

What does this mean? How does it affect you?

Sun in Aries is in its exaltation, that is, in a place where it is in its most exuberant expression. Sun signifies ego and masculine expression. In Aries, it is expressed as masculine authority that pushes you to take action, to do something, and initiate actions that appease your ego.

Pluto is in Capricorn and has been there since 2008. It is the planet of transformations, psychological undercurrents, and hidden issues. Pluto has a way of transforming by completely eliminating the old patterns, and in Capricorn, it is transforming old, established conservative structures, such as patriarchy. Pluto is the Phoenix in its demise when it burns to the ground. Pluto clears the way for the new, for rebirth, for total transformation. Pluto is also about power.

Sun squares Pluto today.

Issues concerning authority, power, and deep transformation are engaged in a tug of war. And they are squaring in cardinal signs, that is, signs that signify initial actions. And the square signifies a conflict, a battle, and most of all a drive to act.

You may feel that those who have authority over you are a bit more harsh than normal, that they are pushing you to the limit, or that they are asking you to do more. If you are happy with your workplace, with your boss, and your responsibilities, this will be a push to improve your connections. Or an issue with a person who has authority over you, or your role as an authority in your field will be challenged.

If you are not satisfied with your role, or if you are under authoritarian rule, or those who have authority over you may seem unbearable today. This is the push to take action and change. It is a time to claim your authority, to stand up to the challenge that Sun and Pluto place in front of you, and to claim your authority, your rulership. You may face a power struggle with those who have authority over you.

This is particularly salient for those who have sun or ascendant in Aries, Capricorn, Leo (ruled by Sun), and Scorpio (ruled by Pluto).

It is time to rise up to the challenge and claim your authority and power!